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The CCESE 2015: Collaborative Conference on Earthquake Science and Engineering aims to promote discussions and information exchange across the frontiers of research in the fields of Earthquake Science and Engineering. International scientists with common professional interests in Earthquake Science and Engineering will unite in a virtual, friendly and informal atmosphere to share their experimental and/or theoretical expertise in the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns, practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted about all aspects of Engineering Seismology, Structural and Earthquake Engineering, related civil and earth resources and so on.

Sichuan is famous for giant pandas and beautiful natural landscape as well as the province with more earthquakes. Here is one of the areas where seismic activities are most active in China. Chengdu, as the provincial capital, is an ancient city, where is also the Southwest economic center of Chinese mainland. There are many favorable conditions for studying regional seismicity and its relation to here. Since the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, measured at 8.0 Ms and 7.9 Mw,  more and more earthquake experts pay attention to Chengdu. According to the China earthquake networks, there are 50 times earthquakes greater than the magnitude 4.5 around Chengdu nearly 3 years.

OAHOST, a conference management platform by scientists and for scientists, has been well known by its EMN conference series and collaborate conferences (Collaborative Conference on Crystal Growth, Collaborative Conference on 3D and Materials Research). This is its new effort to launch the Collaborative Conference on Earthquake Science and Engineering.

Together with its face-to-face counterpart will be a joint virtual conference run in real-time, providing an advanced collaborative environment for participants from every corner of the world to share their knowledge while carrying on their regular scholarly duties and without the expense of physically traveling to Chengdu. By using the computers in their offices or homes, through the Internet CCESE participants will be able to present their research on thousands of screens along with their oral presentations as they become part of the face-to-face conference in Chengdu and the whole world.

Therefore, it is a great chance for you to attend the CCESE 2015 and visit Chengdu.

We look forward to your contribution to this experiment in a new form of conference.



Please choose the format of your contribution:

  • Onsite talk
  • Virtual Talk
  • Onsite Poster

All oral  presentations are invited only and length of presentation can be 15, 20 and 25 minutes, for both onsite and virtual oral presentations.

Important Dates

Early Birds for Registration is open, before July 20.
Abstract Submition before August 10, 2015.
Conference Dates                September 15-18, 2015

General Chair:


    Zhiming Wang
    Institute of Fundamental and Frontier Sciences, UESTC


Operating Organization

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China